A Background Photo Says a Lot About a Person


I have always been fascinated by the background photos that I see on people’s computers. Some are breathtaking in beauty, while others are hilariously funny, and some are just pleasant, yet rather nondescript. One thing that I have come to discover over the years, however, is that a person’s background photo usually says a lot about that person, whether they know it or not. I have actually researched the matter rather thoroughly and come to this conclusion.

One of my friends has a background photo of a motif from one of Shakespeare’s plays, along with a famous quote from the play. I have always considered him to be very scholarly, while others find him to be distant and aloof. The reality of the matter is that he is not that way at all. He is just mainly interested in subjects of an intellectual nature, and does not find much pleasure in most other topics of conversation. Needless to say, his background is very fitting for his personality.

Another one of my co-workers is a huge sports fan. He is such a sports fan, in fact, that he will schedule time off of work to fly to different college towns around the country to watch college football games. He has a background photo of Vince Young, the great University of Texas quarterback now playing in the NFL, posed in a position where he is obviously looking for someone to throw the ball to, and it is right in front of the big UT symbol. It is no wonder to me that he has that background photo, because he loves sports so much.

Then there is my friend Kelly, who is the biggest cartoon fan in the world, and unabashedly so. She makes no apologies for her love of cartoons and will argue with anyone that questions her taste in television. As her background photo, she has a revolving trio of the Powder Puff Girls, Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob Square Pants. She once told me that she will put up whatever background photo she finds most appealing on any particular day, and she is completely serious when she says this.

A background photo can say a lot about a person and their personality, and it shows when you actually start to pay attention. I personally have a photo of the founding fathers as my background photo on my computer, and I am a big history buff and am also very interested in politics. It was probably with this photo that I developed my original theory, and I think it is quite apt. I am not sure if I will ever change my background photo, but if I do, it will be to something else I am into, I’m sure.